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Mission and Vision

Advances in nanotechnology have led to a current tremendous boom in the battery and semiconductor markets, and their future also depends on the further development of nanotechnology. In particular, innovative improvements in batteries and semiconductor devices can be achieved by understanding their fundamental reaction mechanisms and overcoming their unveiled weaknesses.
We explore reaction mechanisms of energy materials (batteries, catalysts, etc.) and electronic materials (semiconductor materials for memories, LEDs, displays, etc.) to contribute to their innovation. Our study involves utilizing and inventing in-situ/operando scanning/transmission electron microscopy (SEM/TEM) techniques, which are powerful multi-functional techniques for the physicochemical/structural analysis of materials, to investigate reactions at nano to atomic scales under their operating environment. 

operando_TEM_1.gif (1).gif

Open Positions

​We are currently looking for highly motivated postdoctoral researchers, graduate students,
and undergraduate research interns to join our research team.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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